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The Canopy School was founded in 2015 as a result of a simple observation: modern parachute design has transformed the wings we fly, but piloting techniques have not fully adapted. This insight drove NZ Aerosports to unite their network of sponsored athletes and develop The Canopy School to support them. With our set of courses skydivers can learn from some of the world’s most experienced pilots how to survive, thrive and love flying their parachutes, no matter what level they are at. The Canopy School is on a mission to help pilots fly safer, faster and further, one course after another!

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Canopies today have transformed from the squares of human-operated fabric designed to get you safely to the ground into complex sports equipment requiring specialized skills and training. The pilot is more knowledgeable than ever – and there are just as many accidents as ever. Despite the drastic change in the wings we fly, much of our canopy piloting education is based on the same rules we’ve used for more than a decade. This mismatch is what led NZ Aerosports to rewrite the playbook and start The Canopy School with a group of talented and experienced canopy coaches.



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Our instructors make The Canopy School what it is. We recruit from NZ Aerosports current network of sponsored canopy pilots, and pride ourselves on having a balance of some of the world’s most experienced swoopers and the best up-and-coming young talent. At the core of what drives our team is our mission, “Fly Safer, Fly Faster, Fly Further.” That focus is not just our goal; it’s our lifestyle. It's flying hard. It's landing soft. It's having a few beers with good mates and realising life's better in swoop shorts. Helping skydivers fly safer and have fun is what drives us.

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Leader in modern canopy design, NZ Aerosports, is committed to helping educate today’s pilots through The Canopy School. Together we promote safe downsizing and progression. 

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