Frequently Asked Questions

Before You Book

  • Are the jumps included in the price?

    No, jumps are not included in the price. Please contact the coach or hosting drop zone to find out the price of jump tickets.

  • Can I cancel or transfer a booking?

    If you have signed up for one of our courses online but can no longer make it, please email the coach directly as soon as possible to discuss the options. The hosting drop zone or coach might have different rules for cancellations than The Canopy School website booking system does. If you payed a booking fee on our website when signing up to the course, and let us know about the cancellation a minimum of 48 hrs before the course start time,  we will send you a voucher for the deposit amount that allows you to book another course at a date and location of your choice through our website. You can transfer the booking to a friend as long as they meet the requirements to attend that course.

  • Can I get 1-on-1 training with a Canopy School coach?

    Yes, our coaches are available for one-on-one coaching, and also small groups of 2-3 students. The pricing is different to our optimum number courses. To find out more email the coach directly, fill out our contact form or email

  • Can I request a Canopy School course at my DZ?

    Yes! We’d love to visit! You can send an email to the coach you’d like to have attend, or fill out our request form here. 

  • How much does a course cost?

    Some of our courses have a $25 online deposit. The coach fee is additional to this deposit and is charged in local currencies. The fee will be displayed when you Book A Course and it is to be paid as instructed by the organizing drop zone or coach.

  • I’m still doing my AFF. Can I do a course?

    If you have finished and passed your AFF you can do the Beginner 1.1 course. However all other courses require an A-license or above. See our Course Descriptions page for more details on course requirements.


  • What course is right for me?

    If you have never done a canopy course, then Beginner 1.1 is the perfect place to start! No matter what your experience, you’ll take away lots of great information on flying your canopy safer and better.


  • What size are the courses?

    Our 2 and 1-day courses run with an optimum number of 4-8 students. In some cases we will take 9 or 10 students if there is a lot of interest.


  • What skydiving license do I need to do a course?

    • To do Beginner 1.1 you need to have completed your AFF, but not your A license
    • To do Beginner 1.2 you need an A-license and 25 jumps, plus completed Beginner 1.1
    • To do Intermediate 2.1 you need a B license and 50 jumps
    • To do Intermediate 2.2 you need to have at least 200 jumps, plus completed 2.1
    • To do Advanced 3.1 you need at least 400 jumps
    • To do Advanced 3.2 you need at least 500 jumps, plus completed 3.1
    • To do Pro 4.1 you need 500 jumps and you need to have been a CP competitor in the last year
    • To do Pro 4.2 you need a minimum of 800 jumps and you need to have been a CP competitor in the last year
    • For our CRW basics course you need minimum a B-license and to be cleared to fly a 160 sqft main or smaller.
    • For our Speedflying course you don’t need to be a skydiver at all! We take complete newbies into this course. Some skydiving or paragliding experience does help

    See our Course Descriptions page for details of the requirements and recommendations for each course.

  • Where are Canopy School courses held?

    They can be held all over the world. Our coaches travel a lot and may host courses at different drop zones. Below is a list of some locations our coaches are based in.

    • North California: TJ Landgren, Katie Hansen, Alex Cashman
    • South California: Duane Hall, David Hebert, Justin Judd, Nathan Emmet, Robert Wallace
    • France: Brice Bernier, Guillaume Bernier, David Maleze, Eric Philippe
    • Norway: Chris Stewart
    • Australia: Jules McConnell, Robbie McMillan, Andy Woolf
    • New Zealand: Chris Brook, Chris Stewart, Lee Barraclough, Kieran Baldwin, Jamie Lee
    • Dubai: Rhys Kempen
    • UK/Ireland: Rod McCrory
    • Spain: Cedric Veiga Rios
    • Portugal: Bruno Geada


Before The Course

  • Can I attend the course with a PD canopy?

    Of course! We welcome students of every canopy persuasion. Our coaches have all flown many types of canopies and have lots of experience to share with you no matter what you fly!

  • Can I hire gear?

    It’s best if you use your own equipment to maximize your learning. If you don’t have gear, make sure to check with the dropzone if they have rigs for you to hire. The Canopy School does not have rigs for hire.

  • Do I need insurance?

    If you are travelling, you need to have travel insurance that covers skydiving related accidents. If you are a resident in the country the course is held in, contact your federation or dropzone to find out what insurance you should have.

  • Do I need to wear a jumpsuit?

    If you do not have an A-license you are generally required to wear a jumpsuit. Otherwise wear what you are comfortable jumping in, and something that is temperature appropriate.

  • What should I bring to the course?

    Your normal jumping equipment (rig, helmet, altimeter, jumpsuit or appropriate clothing, closed in shoes), your food for the day, a water bottle, and an open mind. Some courses have special requirements and items you must have, so please refer to course descriptions and the coach instructions. 

About The Courses

  • Can I talk to a Canopy School coach about my progression?

    Yes! Our coaches are more than happy to answer your questions about canopy progression when you attend a course with them. If you aren’t on a course yet, but want to chat about your progression, just hop on the forum on this site to ask questions and join conversations. You can also contact any coaches directly through the contact form here.

  • How many jumps will we do?

    Typically you can expect a 2-day course to be 8 jumps, and a 1-day course to be 4-5 jumps. Please contact the coach and the hosting drop zone to find out more.

  • How much theory will we do?

    As a general rule there will be about one hour of ground training to every jump. There may be slightly more if it is a big class.

  • Will the course cover different types of canopies and how they fly?

    Yes. It’s an important part of our theory to learn about the wings we fly, how they react to different inputs and the best ways to fly them. 

  • Will we learn to use our risers?

    Our courses focus on teaching you how to use every input for the best result when flying your canopy. The Beginner courses introduces the use of rears and harness for turns and flares, and the Intermediate to Advanced courses introduce front riser inputs and rear riser landings.

About The Jumps

  • Are all our jumps solos?

    Most of your jumps will be solo hop and pops. We have a few ‘group’ jumps on the courses where you learn to fly safely together for non-contact canopy dives. If you are participating in on of our CRW courses you will be doing jumps with instructors and other students. 

  • Can I film my own jumps?

    If you are cleared to wear a camera and have done so before, then yes.

  • How do we communicate with the instructor?

    There won’t be any ground-to-air communication. You must be cleared from radio-assisted jumps to attend a course. The instructor will brief you, video your landing and debrief you on the ground.

  • How much time is there between jumps?

    Usually around an hour to do the next section of theory and ground training.

  • Is packing included or do I pack my own rig?

    Packing is not included in the course fee. You may use a packer if you wish. Please contact the hosting drop zone for information on packing fees.

  • What altitude will we jump from?

    The standard hop and pop altitude is 5,000ft, but in some courses there might be some full-altitude canopy jumps. The altitude might also depend on the drop zone operations and weather that day. Please contact the coach and the hosting drop zone to find out more about your course.

  • Will I be jumping with an instructor?

    For our Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Pro canopy piloting courses, no. The coach will brief and debrief you on the ground. If you are doing a CRW course, your jumps will be with an instructor. 

On The Day

  • How long are Canopy School courses?

    Most courses are 1 and 2-day courses. Typically courses start early in the morning and run until the end of the day. Please see your course description and contact your coach or the hosting drop zone for more details.

  • What if the weather is bad?

    If there are weather days, the coaches will take you through all the theory and a range of important ground drills, exercises and games that will all help your canopy flight. If you don’t complete the minimum jumps in the course, please ask your coach and/or the hosting drop zone about the details regarding payments. Typically you may attend another course of the same level that isn't full to complete your jumps, but you will have to have an agreement on this with your coach and/or the hosting drop zone.

  • What is the format for the course?

    Typically on the 2-day courses you will complete 4 jumps per day, with theory lessons between each one. The 1-day courses will typically have 4-5 jumps with theory lessons between each one. Please contact the coach and the hosting drop zone to find out more.


  • What should I expect on the day?

    Make sure to arrive on time for your course. You have to do your DZ paperwork, get a dropzone briefing, complete your Canopy School student check-in process and buy jump tickets. Then your instructor will take the class through a meet and greet, and talk about your goals for the course.

Your Goals

  • Can you teach me to swoop?

    Yes, we can. Safely and with the right coaching. We aim to give all our students a good grounding in safe flight, confident landings, active piloting and defensive piloting before moving on to building speed and high performance approaches. There’s no better place to learn to swoop than with our experienced coaches guiding you. 

  • Do I have to do a canopy course before I downsize?

    You don’t HAVE to, but it is an excellent idea! Making sure you’re proficient on your current canopy is important before you take a step down.

  • Will a Canopy School course fix my landings?

    Beginner 1.1 is geared up specifically for teaching pilots to land confidently and safely. Our coaches will help you understand the problems you have with landings and how to fix them at whatever level you are at.

  • Will a Canopy School course make me more accurate?

    That’s the goal! All our courses have an accuracy component to them. Making and following a Flight Plan is what helps your accuracy – we cover this in every course.

Your Progression

  • What if I didn’t finish because of weather?

    Don’t stress! If you don’t complete the minimum jumps in the course, please ask your coach and/or the hosting drop zone about the details regarding payments. Typically you may attend another course of the same level that isn't full to complete your jumps, but you will have to have an agreement on this with your coach and/or the hosting drop zone.


I didn't see my question, how do I get hold of you?