Robbie McMillan

Red Robbie

Team / Company Name Australian CP Team

Location Australia

  • Main Canopy
    Petra 82
  • Container
    UPT Vector Micron
  • Reserve Canopy
    Optimum 143
  • Helmet
    Cookie Composites
  • Jumpsuit
    Spirit Skysports
  • Altimeter
    Alti2 (visual), L&B Optima (audible)
  • Robbie has been an active canopy coach since the late nineties. He has competed at many National an International Championships, and has run heaps of canopy courses for novice and intermediate pilots, as well as organised and coached many swoop camps for advanced canopy pilots. When he's not running courses, he endeavours to help new parachute pilots at DZ's to plan and debrief their canopy flight.


  • Age
  • Nationality
  • Total Jumps
  • Home DZ
    Skydive Surfside Moruya and Newcastle Sport Parachute Club, Elderslie NSW
  • Occupation
    Skydiving Instructor
  • Hobbies
    Hang gliding, surfing
  • License / Ratings
    Instructor A, Tandem, AFF, Private Pilot, Intermediate Hang Glider and Paraglider Pilot
  • RW/FS
  • Hops-n-Pops
  • Camera
  • Freefly
  • Coaching
  • XRW
    a handful but keen to do some more
  • Cutaways
  • Canopy Progression

    Jyro 220 (1600 jumps)

    Stiletto 135 (1250 jumps)

    Stiletto 120 (1300 jumps)

    VX 104 (2800 jumps)

    JVX 88 (1300 jumps)

    JVX 79 (400 jumps)

    Petra 86 & 82 (600+ jumps)

  • Other Skydiving Accomplishments

    • 1st person to jump a Plastic Petra, made from Cuban Fibre. 
    • I have qualified for every Australian Canopy Piloting Team.
  • Skydiving Competitions and Records

    4th at Pretoria, South Africa 2008.

    Bronze Medal in Accuracy WPC, Russia 2010.
    Aussie CRW record holder 44 way, Nagambie 2016.
    I have Competed at 15 World Class 1 Events mostly in Canopy Piloting, including World Championships, World Games and World Air Games.