Coaching is a large part of any sport as well as life itself. It helps build good form, technique, balance, coordination and awareness as well as increasing overall knowledge. These are all crucial areas of development that require constant attention and refinement. 

These are especially important skills to sharpen when involved in multi-dimensional sports such as Skydiving, Canopy Piloting and Speed Flying. Your field of view is no longer on a single plane, you must be aware of everything and everyone around you. In these sports speeds are higher and the consequences are greater.

When you receive instruction from a qualified coach you’ll learn the correct form and technique necessary to have your body in a more balanced position for flying and landing. Being balanced promotes proper landings that are on your feet. Landing on your feet is important because it protects your spine from blunt force trauma which can be a result of improperly sliding in a landing. Our bodies are designed to better absorb the impact of running, jumping and landing through our legs similar to the way the suspension of your car absorbs a dip in the road.

Situational awareness is another key attribute that you’ll gain from proper coaching. Being educated in knowing how to identify and properly handle many different in flight situations is essential to improving the safety of our sport.

All of this information already exists; this is not something that needs to be researched and created. If you want to learn more about how to improve your skills, be more competent and most important, be a SAFER athlete within your sport, get coaching and get educated from a professional, qualified coach. It could save your life!

Blue skies and safe landings.