Angry is a young up-and-coming Australian swooper. We saw his talent early on while he was flying a JVX, and he quickly moved up the ranks to start flying a Petra in competition. He currently holds the Australian Distance Record. Watch this one – he’ll be a world champion one of these days. Wink.

Angry on Downsizing and Wingloading:

"I've noticed these days jumpers care about their wing loading more and their canopy size less. Many don't realize that a 2.5+ loading is more aggressive on a 72 than it is on a bigger canopy with the same wing loading. I've heard jumpers say they want these wing loadings because you have to load crossbraced canopies high for them to perform well - this is a myth.

With canopies like Petra coming out where you can load them up a lot more, wingloadings and canopy sizes are getting more extreme. Don't jump to a Petra 69 because your mate said "you can load them to what you want and everyone is loading them at 3."

Think realistically about what your needs are and where in canopy piloting you are right now. Do you really need a wing loading that high because others have it? Want to go faster? Why not focus on your technique before downsizing or changing canopies, get the most from your current canopy. Going smaller isn't always the answer.

Angry on Learning from Mistakes:

“Lots of people think you have to smash yourself into the ground to learn. Yeah, you probably won't make that mistake again!

But if you get the right coaching straight up, your chances of hitting the ground will be minimal.

I know several very good swoopers who haven't hit the ground because of their training and watching others (and not being stupid!). I admit I flipped twice through my risers a few years back and don't want to do it again. I tell people this hoping they will not make the same mistakes as me.”