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10 Things You Can Do To Fly Safer

Here are 10 simple points that should be addressed before and during EACH SKYDIVE. Most of them are common knowledge but in my book, all are important and not to be overlooked.

Competition Swooping: Michael Vaughan

When you compete accept that you will miss gates, especially early on in your competitive career. It will frustrate the hell out of you but it will happen...

Surviving the Comp

Stay true to your turn and make realistic goals for yourself. The safest way you can improve your swooping is in a controlled environment with a coach, not on comp day...

Swoop and Stay Alive: Andrew Woolf

Do you really need a wing loading that high because others have it? Want to go faster? Why not focus on your technique before downsizing or changing canopies, get the most from your current canopy. Going smaller isn't always the answer.

Swoop and Stay Alive: Ernesto Gainza

Keeping alive and injury free is not easy, especially when the community sees new records being set every day, breathtaking videos of highly skilled pilots doing amazing things, and people pushing boundaries achieving the unthinkable...

Why You Need to Get Coaching

Coaching is a large part of any sport as well as life itself. It helps build good form, technique, balance, coordination and awareness as well as increasing overall knowledge.